DNSstuff.com frequently performs DNS lookups at the root servers and zone parent servers.  As a result,
we have contsantly updated response timing from these servers. See below for more details.

ServerBestAverageWorstTimeoutsAvg Response
a.root-servers.net---No data yet---0%---
b.root-servers.net---No data yet---0%---
c.root-servers.net---No data yet---0%---
d.root-servers.net---No data yet---0%---
e.root-servers.net---No data yet---0%---
f.root-servers.net---No data yet---0%---
g.root-servers.net---No data yet---0%---
h.root-servers.net---No data yet---0%---
i.root-servers.net---No data yet---0%---
j.root-servers.net---No data yet---0%---
k.root-servers.net---No data yet---0%---
l.root-servers.net---No data yet---0%---
m.root-servers.net---No data yet---0%---
a.gtld-servers.net---No data yet---0%---
b.gtld-servers.net---No data yet---0%---
c.gtld-servers.net---No data yet---0%---
d.gtld-servers.net---No data yet---0%---
e.gtld-servers.net---No data yet---0%---
f.gtld-servers.net---No data yet---0%---
g.gtld-servers.net---No data yet---0%---
h.gtld-servers.net---No data yet---0%---
i.gtld-servers.net---No data yet---0%---
j.gtld-servers.net---No data yet---0%---
k.gtld-servers.net---No data yet---0%---
l.gtld-servers.net---No data yet---0%---
m.gtld-servers.net---No data yet---0%---
tld1.ultradns.net---No data yet---0%---
tld2.ultradns.net---No data yet---0%---
tld3.ultradns.org---No data yet---0%---
tld4.ultradns.org---No data yet---0%---
tld5.ultradns.info---No data yet---0%---
tld6.ultradns.co.uk---No data yet---0%---
Root servers: 0.00% 0ms average delay0.00% timeout
GTLD (.com/.net) servers: 0.00% 0ms average delay0.00% timeout
.org servers: 0.00% 0ms average delay0.00% timeout
The 'Server' column shows the name of the server being monitored (root-servers.net are the true root servers, gtld-servers.net are the DNS servers that handle all .com/.net domains, and the ultradns servers handle .org and several country TLDs). The 'Best' column shows the best time we recently saw to the server, the 'Average' column shows the average timing we have recently seen, and the 'Worst' column shows the worst recent time we have seen. The 'Timeouts' column shows recent timeouts, and the graph gives an idea of the current performance of the server. The 'Avg Response Time' column shows the average response time of the server, in milliseconds (calculated by subtracting the best time from the average time). In the graph, the green section represents normal connections, the yellow section represents slow connections, and the red section represents timeouts. In a perfect world, you would see mostly green with a very small yellow section and a very small red section. If the average connection time is more than about 10ms slower than the best connection time, the yellow section will be larger than normal. If there are timeouts, the red section will appear larger than normal. The summary shows stats for the root servers, .com/.net parent servers, and the .org parent servers. It shows both the average percent delay (the average time divided by the best time), and the average delay in milliseconds (calculated by subtracting the best times from the average times). Note that the best connection time is considered a baseline, so a high best time is not necessarily indicative of a problem (for example, the server may be located a long distance away from ours). Also, on some networks timeouts are more common than on other networks (ours experiences a very low packet loss).